Social Media Self-care Tips

In a world where it seems like ‘everyone’ is sharing pieces of their life on social media; comparison, envy and even jealousy can be some of the things we deal with. A times it doesn’t feel like something worth a concern, making us go on with life, while experiencing harmful emotions that needs to be dealt with.

As I think about my journey on social media, I have found myself countless of times feeling like other moms success story is a sign of my failure and lacking in perfection. In my desire to share my story I have found that most of the time I press the ‘share’ button my hope is that it will portray my life in way that shows success. Yet, the beauty of such brokenness is Christ, and each day I am being reminded that as He is in the father and I am in Him and He is in me (John 14:20), therefore I have a chance to refocus, every time I am drifting and loosing my identity.

Psalms 139:23-24 says search me, God, and know my heart, test me and know my anxious thoughts, see if there is any offensive way in me and lead me in the way everlasting. God truly understand every wickedness in our hearts and our short comings, He knows that if we don’t constantly allow ourselves to be refreshed by Him, it’s easy for us to have a misplaced identity with every ‘successful’ story we see on social media.

How can you actually tell you need to take a break? For me it’s the moment;

  • I start comparing myself,
  • when I don’t feel worthy enough to share my story in the same platform,
  • when I am easily triggered to envy,
  • when I feel like I constantly have to share something so that I can be seen
  • when I am so jealous of peoples stories.

3 things I have leant to do, every time I feel I need a refresh in my social media life

  1. I pray, I choose to ask God to search my heart, that He reveal to me the things that are making me loose my true identity in Him. Because the issue is not the people posting their life pieces online, the problem is me, it’s what those post arouse in me and how they need to be dealt with.
  2. I stop scrolling and I put down my phone and move away from it, it can be for hours or even a day. I spend that time doing things that I love with my children, it allows me to refocus on what is important for my sanity.
  3. I temporarily take a break and I just rest, I uninstall the app and give myself time to just live in the present. This can be for days or even weeks, within that time I focus on my self and sanity. I speak words of affirmation and reevaluate my choices when in comes to social media and how I engage in it.

Kindly share some of the things you do to refresh, in the comment section below.

Do you feel you need to get some social media detox? If yes when do you plan to do it? And are some of the things you will be doing to refresh?

With Love


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