Blogging Consistently in 2021

When it comes to blogging, there are a few things that are important one of which is consistently sharing posts. And by ‘consistently’ I mean always feeding your audience with content without them wondering what on earth happened to you. It’s also putting out posts that are relevant to your audience and having a clear niche.

I have been blogging for some years now, and one thing I can say is creating blog content can some time be hard, especially when you desire to consistently share posts and still stay relevant. In my desire to grow in this area I decided that I will be intentional and narrow down my content to the things that define me and that is; motherhood, faith and lifestyle.

The best thing one can have is clear outline of what they are about, why they blog and what audience they desire to connect with. I was that blogger that was all over, I wanted to write about everything and each time it felt overwhelming because I was busy competing with other bloggers who had narrowed down their niche.

The wisest decision I made in the beginning of the year was choosing to focus on less which in turn allows me to create more. I know you have had about niche and a times it can be confusing if you feel like you are being inspired to create everything. So let me try and ask you to make one step into realizing your niche, ask yourself this, ‘who is your target audience?’

Who are the people you desire to reach, chances are you might say ‘everyone’ which is good but break it down, when you say everyone who are they? are they doctors? teachers? Moms? Couples? if the answer is ‘all’ lets break it down further, if you were to give a percentage to each category, who among those category you have listed might enjoy your content more? Right there is where we begin because that category of your audience, with the highest percentage will guide you into realizing your niche.

So welcome to my little space where I share snippets of my life as a mom, a photographer and a lover of art. I am taking a step of growth and asking you to join me as we share our life and encourage each other along the way. I am not an expert so be sure to find me asking you how do things and follow you on your social media sites for tips and Inspo.

Thank you so much for beginning a new season with me and I know we are about to have awesome conversations right here.

With Love

Mummy Essentials


  1. Cant Wait to be reading all your blogs. Go girl!

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